YouTube Still F*****g Stinks

I used to really like YouTube. Here are my demands:

  • Don’t take away the ‘Dislike’ count, it will only drive people away.
  • Let me build my own ‘feed’ of new content from my subscribed channels.
  • Put comments in a sensible order.
  • Don’t ‘bury’ comments from users with a low rating in your secret list of undesirables.
  • Don’t silently drop comments you don’t like. Be a man and tell users why they’ve been dropped instead of letting users think they’ve been posted only to find they aren’t visible when using another account or in a ‘private’ browsing session.
  • Your recommendations are usually rubbish.
  • The weaselly way you force users to prove their age is a cynical data grab from adults with a credit card.
  • Don’t just side with governments to curry favour with them so they won’t hold you to account.
  • Everyone should have the right to voice their opinion, good or bad. How do I recognise a ‘bad actor’ if I never hear them.
  • Listen to your customers product. Your so called customers are in fact the product that you sell to advertisers.
  • Hire staff with a higher diversity of opinion. You obviously have a left leaning staff who ‘censor’ content.

All in all stop it with the social manipulation. Start being honest about your intentions. Don’t pretend to ‘care’ about your users. Give them the experience they want!

Social media is the pits. What’s needed is some form of union on behalf of the users if indeed you claim to be a public good.

My blood is boiling now so I’m signing off here. Bye!