YouTube F*****g Stinks

Sorry to anybody who wanted to watch them, but my terrible videos have been removed from YouTube. I will never publish anything to that web site ever again.

What the hell do they think they are doing treating their users and creators like trash. Some of my favourite channels are either regularly banned, demonetised or just plain treated like garbage for having a different point of view. The scale of censorship on that site is truly oppressive. The people at YouTube really have got appalling behaviour down to a fine art.

Comments are regularly hidden from view to other users or plunged so far down the list they are ignored when you make the ‘wrong’ type of comment. The ‘wrong’ type of comment is anything that doesn’t come under the very narrow approved list of ideological thought.

There are so many political channels living under the sword of Damocles; you can see it when they baulk at saying certain words or showing certain content.

I aint playing their game any more. I will take whatever I can from them and will give them nothing in return except negative reviews. My viewpoints and opinions are as valid and important as the next mans and for them to relegate them to a second or third tier is disgusting and very disturbing. A company as powerful as they are should not have that power. You just haven’t earned it yet baby!

I’ll probably do some more updated video(even with audio if I ever get a microphone) at some point and publish to LBRY or whatever. My instincts tell me we are heading for a very dark place indeed if YouTube and others continue down the censorship route.